Tomasz Szrama

Tomasz Szrama (*1970 in Poland) graduated in 1998 from the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, Poland. Currently he lives in Helsinki, Finland. Szrama shifts between multiple disciplines, including photography, video and other time-based works. Regardless of the medium, a dominant thread, common in his work is the use of his own body and methods of performance art, which he has practiced since 1995. Characteristic features of his actions are the use of spectators and improvisation. Such a strategy embeds his presentations into the tradition of understanding performance art as a process art, where the very moment of creation is essential. His work touches on themes of travel, trust in interpersonal relationships, and the ever present potential for personal failure. Szrama has been regularly performing internationally in various events and festivals in Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America. Between 2008 and 2017 Szrama has worked as a producer, designer, technical manager and has been responsible for organising live art events at HIAP – Helsinki International Artist Programme. Further, over the past 15 years, he has been an active performance art event organiser. Currently gives lectures, and offers workshops.

Katrin Kinsler

„The subject of borders excites me and makes me curious. Geographical, personal, existing, natural borders. And their appearance and perception, for example as a graphic line or river, as a boundary stone or also as privacy, as personal space or distance. I like to discover things in situations that I explore and interpret through minimal intervention.“ Our beautiful TANDEMS art festival logo also comes from Katrin Kinsler’s hand.

Monika Golla

Monika Golla

Monika Golla (*1966)is a thoroughly interdisciplinary artist. Cross-genre collaborations are an integral part of her way of working. The focus is on sound works, acousmatic compositions, sound performances as well as room and video installations. In addition, she develops exhibition concepts and works as a curator. Seeing something special in the profane is Golla’s artistic specialty. For her work she uses all the materials and methods available to her. Monika Golla studied at the J. W. Goethe University in Frankfurt/Main and the HfG in Offenbach. She received work and studio grants, a.o. from the University Foundation Augsburg, Association of Icelandic Visual Artists in Reykjavík and was nominated for the German Sound Art Award. In 2012-15 she was a scholarship holder at the Antonie-Leins-Artist’s house in Horb/Neckar. Monika Golla lives in Starzach, where she co-develops and leads the interdisciplinary art project kunstortELEVENartspace.

Pasi Mäkelä

Finnish performer, musician and conceptual artist based on Prague, Czech Republic. Studied in Turku Arts Academy, Finland 1998-2002, and has a degree of theater director and educator. Most recent works are solo performance Walrus Vampire Show, and several projects with own music/performance group Sabotanic Garden, and Prague based garage-gospel music group The Spermbankers, and as an actor in theater Studio Hrdinu, Prague. Is long time member of Finnish theater communities Reality Research center and Circus Maximus. Between 2012-17 he performed his physical performance solo Tonttu in Slovakia, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Czech Rep., Austria and in U.S.A.  And another “Finnish” Buto project Uuno Turhabuto (2004-2008) mostly in Finland, but also in Czech Republic and France.

Justyna Koeke

Justyna Koeke, born in Krakow, Poland, is a sculptor and performance artist who mainly works in public spaces. Participation and intervention are nearly always the core elements of her works; wearable sculptural costumes are also a consistent component of her performances, which she develops in cooperation with activists, musicians, or theaters. Koeke is a lecturer at the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Stuttgart. 

Kalle Turakka-Purhonen

Finnish artist from the city of Porvoo, born 1974. “I studied painting in the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki. My final exhibition however was made of sculpture-like collages made of recycled materials. This kind of a work has been the core of my art for years: it includes a slow process of collecting every-day materials and ecological ethos. I have also done installations, environmental art pieces, performances and happening with a similar approach. I consider my work as material poetry about life. I also like to paint and draw. I work actively as an artist in Finland – having exhibitions and working in different kind of artist groups – and from time to time also in other countries.”

Frank Fierke

Frank Fierke lives and works in Starzach (Germany), where he participates in developing and directig the interdisciplinary art project „kunstort ELEVEN artspace“. Besides to his projects in museums, galleries and churches his performances are integrated in the public, social and political life or part of productions in the genres of dance and theatre. His works & objects are reminiscent of a poetic attitude to life and guides our attention to the themes – experience of space and nature, individuality and a conscious I – experience.“Not so much the defined form, more the change interests me. The collapse of structures and their new emergence are themes – are works of art that respond to external influences and manipulations. Essentially, the whole thing happens by projecting a reality in a warm and humid atmosphere onto an irregularly undulating, distortion-generating surface, whose task it is to give „air in an unexpected place“ the attention it deserves – in order to thus give the fleeting and unimportant, the incidental, the attention that previously only gave value or even substance to the heroic and the eternal. “

Maire Karuvuori

Maire Karuvuori is: An artist, a performer, a wanderer starting to grow her roots, a wonderer starting to find her truths. Easily excited about all kinds of new things and experiments. Especially experimental ones. Maire Karuvuori’́s ideals: Carefulness and carelessness. Minimalism, as in courage, wisdom and enlightenment. Love, truth and equity. Maire Karuvuori’s thoughts on art and society: „I’m an artist for telling stories, transmitting ideas and interaction. Art allows us to touch important subjects with sensitivity and ease. I’d love the public to actually like spending time with my art. I believe that’s the only true way to make a positive impact through a performance. The rules are less rigid but the comments just as valid and heard. A lot can be said without words. The most common way to make a point often differs from the best one. Art, as it’s best, is a lot more than meets the eye. This is what I aim for.“

Tuomo Vuoteenoma

Tuomo Vuoteenoma constructs performative sculptures through mixed waste method, a technique he has developed for himself. Vuoteenoma processes discarded objects, for example furniture, electronic waste, scrap instruments and gym equipment into collage-like kinetic sculptures. He is intrigued by the many mechanical epiphanies that he keeps combining into material signs of human life. He is also the curator for art exhibition concept “Avantgardevekkula”, which has taken place 6 times and is exhibited in Haihatus Art Centre in Central Finland.

Josef Nadj

The first idea is found when I walk through the quarry.The shape of the rough block, broken out of the mountain holds the seed for my sculpture. In the “taille directe” the path begins to an uncertain destination. Working becomes a dialogue between the initial idea and the origin of the shape. Every remaining mass, created cavity, knocked hole in the block can give rise to new considerations. The method of the subtractive process of stone sculpture is a physical and artistic challenge for me. Approaching the limits of the material in its substance and the statics of the sculpture with the aim of a coherent overall picture is a new adventure each time.

Henna Nerg

Henna Nerg, Born 1991 in Kuopio, is an artist now living and working in Tampere. Her artistic practice shows an open minded approach towards various techniques and materials, resulting in pieces that are diverse and surprising. Nerg analyzes contemporary themes and events critically. A common element of her works is participation: the viewer, the piece and the themes meet.

Walerja Peters

Walerija Peters, born in Temirtau (Kazhakstan), studied arts in germany and was a scholar, assisting artists in the USA. She is spezialised in stained glass techniques and known for her eye-catching sculptures. Combined with varied drawings she already presented her objects in several exhibitions all over germany. „I am looking forward to my new start in the Antonie – Leins – Künstlerhaus. I would like to use this space to go completely new ways. I want to playfully, intuitively explode inner spaces to discover them in the outer space. My working methods The media of expression are mostly chosen very differently and yet I try to establish a relationship between them. The graphic character of my works, as well as the fascination that comes with it, will be found in the form of drawing, sculpture and video performance.“

Laura Theis

Laura Theis

Laura Theis is an award-winning writer, musician and singer/songwriter. She grew up in Germany but has been living in Oxford for the last decade .Her work has been broadcast and/or published in the UK, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, Canada and the U.S. Laura has gained a Distinction in the MSt Creative Writing at Oxford University (Keble College) as well as an MA in Theatre Studies, German and American Literature from LMU Munich. She has been awarded the Mogford Short Story Prize judged by Stephen Fry and Prue Leith for her story “The Lift” (April 2020). Other accolades for her fiction writing include receiving the 2017 AM Heath Prize and the 2018 Short Story Prize by Curtis Bausse. She was runner-up in the 2020 Mslexia Flash Fiction Competition and shortlistedin the Frome Festival Short Story Competition. For her poetry, she has won the 2020 Brian Dempsey Memorial Pamphlet Prize as well as the 2018 Hammond House International Literary Award.  She was ‘Highly Commended’ in both the 2020 Geoff Stevens Memorial Poetry Prize and the 2020 Acumen Poetry Competition. Recent short-listings include the Oxford Brookes Poetry Prize judged by Jackie Kay, the Blue Nib Chapbook Award, the Yeovil Prize for Poetry as well as the Live Canon International Poetry Competition in two consecutive years. Her debut poetry pamphlet with publishers Dempsey&Windle is forthcoming later this year.

Helena Hartmann

Helena Hartmann

The visual artist, singer and performer Helena Hartmann (*1985) has studied at the AKI in Enschede (NL) „Sculpture+ (BA)“ and in London at the RCA „Sculpture (MA)“. She has thus exhibited, performed and resided in Scandinavia, Latvia, England, the Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, USA, Spain, Portugal and Germany. Since June 2019 she is a fellow at the Antonie-Leins-Künstler*innenhaus in Horb. She has been a guest lecturer at AKI and Camberwell College of Art and, as a visual artist, has carried out art projects at various schools in Münsterland as part of „Culture and School“ since 2011. Helena feels at home in almost every artistic medium and often works collaboratively. Her practice is interdisciplinary and her approach could be defined as multimedia. Helena often expands her sculptural works and installations with a potpourri of Spoken Word, Sound, Movement and Imagery refined with a touch of Drama and Humor. Her performances are unorthodox, progressive, experimental and often collaborative nature. Her Art is “Playful-Absurd-Bizarre-Hilarious-and Wild”!

Stephanie Müller

Stephanie Müller

Stephanie Müller (*1979) combines visual arts, performance, music and social sciences. She studied communication science, sociology and art therapy in Munich. She understands her textile sculptures, sound objects and scenery islands as playable attack surfaces. Sometimes they appear in video works, then they become performative props in public space. At concerts, the stage becomes an open studio. In exchange with other people, existing things are put to the test, rearranged and disordered. With her art, mediation and research projects, Stephanie Müller has been active in the course of grants in Belgium, England, Georgia, Indonesia, Japan, Ukraine and the USA, among other places. Stephanie Müller is based at the MEDIENDIENST LEISTUNGSHÖLLE in the midst of a buzzing collective of artists and activists. Together with the Munich based filmmaker and painter Klaus Erika Dietl and lots of other performers, musicians, visual artists and researchers she develops performances, sound installations and film projects . She has been playing different kinds of amplified sewing machines and a series of selfmade instruments since 2002. Together with Laura Melis Theis, an Oxford based songwriter with a background in theater and literature, she initiated beißpony.Besides an orchestra of musical sewing machines, Stephanie plays the drums and modified typewriters, umbrellas or vacuum cleaners. In October 2013 beißpony’s debut album was released on Chicks On Speed Records. Five years after their celebrated debut BRUSH YOUR TEETH on Chicks On Speed Records, beißpony released their follow-up album BEASTS AND LONERS in January 2018. Those intervening years have seen numerous new developments for the band – from their invitation to SXSW in Austin (TX, USA), to the INTERNATIONAL SHORTFILM FESTIVAL in Oberhausen, to exciting solo ventures such as Stephanie Müller’s visual art stipends in Antwerp (Belgium), in Birmingham (UK), Istanbul (Turkey), Lviv (Ukraine) and Sapporo (Japan), or Laura Theis’ solo release BADASS SNOW WHITE in the UK. Further highlights include music compositions for a collaboration with Wolfgang Müller (DIE TÖDLICHE DORIS) and a radio play (Licht im Kasten) written by nobel prize winner Elfriede Jelinek. In the midst of all these exciting new adventures, beißpony started their own label RAGREC during a vibrant exchange with artists from all over the globe.Besides beißpony, Stephanie Müller is involved in a series of art collaborations. In 2014 she started A DUET OF AMPLIFIED SEWING MACHINES together with Lisa Simpson (Berlin/ Curitiba, Brasil). In April 2017 they were invited by the Goethe Institute Indonesia to be part of theIKAT/eCUT art project and festival in Jakarta (Indonesia) followed by an invitation to exhibit and perform at the „Schneidertempel Art Galery“ in Istanbul (Turkey). Together with Turkish artist and percussionist Gülcan Turna, queer activist Moni Kliche and her fellow artist Klaus Erika Dietl she initiated OK DECAY in 2017, a music project that digs into sonic frictions and language barriers .In 2018 Dietl and Müller were invited to open the conference “Archiving The Unarchivable” at the documenta Halle in Kassel. Recently they were part of an online collaboration hosted by Goethe Institute Amman (Jordan). At the moment Stephanie Müller is hosting an international music exchange called ALLIGATOR GOZAIMAZU. Besides this collaborative adventure she is working on her ongoing mixed media project “Rasenmäher in E-Moll”.

Either Or

Either or lives and works between tucson arizona and los angeles california. Either or manifests divergent thought processes outside of neurotypical experience with irrational and instinctual investigations of unseen relationships. Mining transitionary spaces of understanding, revealing a diverse spectrum of possibility and difference while responding to surroundings with seemingly incongruent connections. The collapsing of art and life, the ordinary & the social, foreword a bathetic performative ascent into theatricality: unbalancing narrative encounters

Klaus Erika Dietl

Klaus Erika Dietl

Klaus Erika Dietl (*1974) studied painting and art theory at the Academy of Fine Arts (AdBK) in Munich. He is a visual artist with a background in literature and filmmaking. Since 2012 he is also part of OK DECAY, a performance group with a fierce love for sonic frictions. Klaus Erika Dietl studied painting and art theory at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. Together with fellow artist Stephanie Müller he initiated MEDIENDIENST LEISTUNGSHÖLLE in 2009. Since then it has evolved from a vibrant underground studio to a nucleus for international art exchanges. Dietl’s main cause of friction is the memory of the unsaid. In his paintings, sound installations and film projects he digs into the lacks of understanding. What makes us take off the blinkers and question our insecurities and reservations? In summer 2017 he finished his first full length feature film “Our Mouth – The Ultimate Prison”. It was premiered at the Lenbachhaus in Munich. Further highlights include film screenings at the Haus der Kunst (Munich), at the Internationale Kurzfilmtage (Oberhausen) and at SXSW Festival (Austin, Texas, USA). Recently he performed at the documenta Halle in Kassel within the international conference “Archiving The Unarchivable”. Dialogue lies at heart of Klaus Erika Dietl’s art and research projects. In May 2015 Dietl and his fellow artist Stephanie Müller were invited to Sapporo (Japan) for an art exchange with the local performance and media artist community followed by a series of ongoing sound art and film collaborations. Further international encounters include mixed media projects at the Dzyga Art Centre (Lviv, Ukraine), Schneidertempel (Istanbul, Turkey), deFENIKS Art Centre (Antwerp, Belgium) and the REP theatre (Birmingham, UK). Currently he is working on “For Topsy”, an experimental feature film that questions and deconstructs male brutality within the entertainment industry. 

Mimosa Pale

Mimosa Pale (*1980) is a Finnish artist working at the intersection of sculpture and performance art. She has studied art in Helsinki, Paris and Birmingham, makes interventions in public spaces, musical interactions in freak shows with her singing saw and sees collaborations as an important medium in art. She lives in Berlin and is currently a fellow at the Antonie-Leins Künstler*innenhaus in Horb am Neckar. In the TANDEMS art festival, Mimosa is part of the organisational team and will supervise the Finnish artists in the FINDE tandems.